Exciting News About Your Real Estate Exam!

Effective January 27th you can register to take your Real Estate Exam at home!! PSI and the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure / Board of Real Estate have devised an acceptable procedure that allows you to test at home!  The on-line exam process will begin on January 28th. Please contact PSI with any additional questions or comments. On-site exams are still available and the current locations are available on www.psiexams.com.

Although PSI is stating above that processing can take 15-20 business days, please be advised that your approval can take +/- 2 months due to current PSI staffing issues. We suggest you apply as soon as you receive your Educational Completion documentation.

See the following excerpt from the revised 1/27/2021 PSI Candidate Information Booklet:


Before you select the date and time you will be taking the exam, YOU MUST FIRST CHECK THE COMPATIBILTY OF YOUR COMPUTER to include Audio/Video Check, Webcam Check and System Check. You must use Google Chrome Browser. Please note that if your computer performs any system update (i.e. software, server, firewall, webcam, etc.) from the time you schedule your exam to when you attempt to launch your exam, you may experience issues with your compatibility. It is best to conduct another compatibility check on the machine that you will be taking your exam at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled exam. You may also check your compatibility before or after registering for your exam by clicking here.

If you have any questions regarding your compatibility check, or if you experience issues launching your exam, you may contact our remote proctoring technical support team at (844) 267-1017. You may also initiate a chat after you close the Secure Browser Software by clicking here.


Complete the PSI registration form (found at the end of this bulletin), including your credit card number  and  expiration date. Email the completed form to PSI at MA.ApplicationProcessor@psionline.com.  Email  registrations  are  accepted 24 hours a day.

Processing takes between 15-20 BUSINESS days from receipt of all “Complete” applications. After 15-20 business days, you may go online or call PSI to schedule the examination.

You can view the newly revised PSI Candidate Information Bulletin by clicking here.