Student Testimonials

Real estate school Student Testimonials

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I would not choose anyone but New England Real Estate Academy for online CE classes. You provide a marvelous delivery while sharing your knowledge. You are GREAT!

– Carol C.

“I have been remiss in thanking you and your wonderful, talented and knowledgeable staff! I took my exam on the 28th of July, passed with ease in just 1hr 22 minutes. Your method of instruction is truly superb! Thank you all for such a great preparation for what could have been a very challenging exam.”

– Jamie H.

I found your course to be informative, convenient and interesting. I will use you again next time! Thanks.

– Peter V.

I was very pleased with the courses. The best part was that they were available no matter where I was. I completed part of them at home, some at the office, and some while traveling. I thought the length of the segments was perfect. I will definitely use your courses again for CE and would recommend them to my colleagues.

– Anthony R.

I really liked the format of the CE class. I loved that it was broken down into sections and easy to follow. I also liked that you could start and stop when necessary to maximize learning. Overall it was a great experience. Thank you!

– Jill E.

I just completed my second 12-hour online CE course for the renewal of my Broker License. Jeanne’s teaching techniques and personal references to her own experience make it a very interesting course. I love the breaks and the quizzes, too. The information never gets old. Thanks, Jeanne, for your professionalism and ability to keep my attention! Your classes are the way to go!

– Sally K.

I’m very pleased to tell you I passed my national and state exam on Saturday ….on my first try! Thank you for providing a great course and for taking the time to meet and speak with me initially because your sincere interest helped to make all the difference.

Thank you,

Katelyn C

I just finished my 12hr CE course with New England Real Estate Academy. It couldn’t have been easier! Very inexpensive and a great course to boot. I will definitely come back for more credits in the future. Thanks New England Real Estate Academy!

– Mass Buy Foreclosures

Look no further – This is the clear choice for serious Realtors.

– Tom L.

Hi Jeanne, I absolutely loved your video class for my 12-hour continuing education for my Real Estate Broker’s license. Since you were always my favorite “live” class instructor when I was still traveling to cities for my classes, I was really excited to discover that you were now offering classes online. As usual, your delivery was clear, succinct and easy to follow. I will definitely be recommending your course to anyone I know who needs to take the course!

– Heidi H.

My first online experience! Saved time, traveling, fuel & money! Jeanne is very well-versed in the many different fields & aspects of the Real Estate world…absolutely a great instructor!

– Noel E.

Jeanne has been a practitioner of virtually every aspect of residential and commercial real estate, and is an expert at teaching others. Go with the best.

– Greg G.

I really enjoyed the program and Jeanne Barreta was fantastic. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

– Bette F.

I was a little concerned about doing the CE credits online, but I must say that the material and presentation was excellent. I have already suggested to people that I was totally impressed with everything about the online course and that they should give serious consideration to using New England Real Estate Academy in the future. Thanks again.

– Survey Monkey

I thought this was the best CEU class presentation that I have ever taken — and, I never left my home. Incredible!

– Survey Monkey

Jeanne Barreta has the teaching skills to tackle the toughest CEU subjects and make sense of them all. Her knowledge and experience shows in each lecture and her delivery makes each course time well spent. I was not convinced that I would like the online courses, but now I am a believer! Thanks, Jeanne.

– Tom B.

I have recommended your CE classes to all the agents in our offices. Very informative and much more convenient than any of the live options in our area.

– Cricket S.

So great to be able to take the course at your convenience, at an affordable price and in the comfort of your own home. Instructor was knowledgeable and concise!

– Judy B.

Enjoyed the convenience of the online classes. The instructor was knowledgeable and kept my interest. Can’t think of a better or more affordable way to take the class. Thank you Jeanne for all your help.

– Georgia A.

Great job. I used others before and I like yours the best!

– Paul T.

The teachers were really good. Because they are real estate pros, they had first-hand stories and experiences to share. A lesson wasn’t like a lesson, but an engaging conversation with a friend. I enjoyed the whole experience.

– John S.

I enjoyed your classes and will definitely consider them for my next CEU requirements. The material was relevant and presented in a way that was interesting an engaging.

– James C.

“The class tonight with Karl was wonderful. Karl is very knowledgeable and delivered information in the easiest forms. He even let us stay a bit after class to ask questions we might have for the industry. Very helpful!”

– Mary R.

I though the online classes were great, very easy to follow, accommodating, interesting and your teaching style kept me interested. Thanks.

– John M.

We sat for the Mass Real Estate Salesperson exam today and we are BOTH happy to report that we passed the exam. We could not have accomplished this without your fine instruction and guidance. Thank you very much for the effort you extended in preparing us for this achievement. We are now first-time success stories of the New England Real Estate Academy. With our sincere thanks.

– Maryann and Gerry D.

Jeanne does an excellent job keeping the information current, relevant and very interesting. She does a superb job addressing the needs and questions of a widely diverse audience. Hopefully she will teach many, many more sessions!

– Rob B.

This was the best continuing ed I have been to in over 4 years. Jeanne was personable, thorough, knowledgeable, fun and dynamic. She kept the information interesting and applicable to real life!

– Shanti C.

It’s the best school to go through to get your real estate license. Whether in a class or online, I’ve done both, and it’s educational and informative!

– Vicktrina R.

This is my second time with Jeanne. She makes the 12 hours fly! She is a wealth of information and an engaging lecturer.

– Evelyn N.

Jeanne is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and engaging. The class was surely the most enjoyable and informative MA Real Estate class I have attended to date.

– Daniel H.

I have been in real estate for 25 years and Jeanne is one of the best instructors I’ve had! She makes the material interesting and it is relevant!

– Jane D.

Very energetic, informative and fun. Kept attention level high and delivered the appropriate amount of information for the make-up of this class. Kept a long day interesting!

– Richard M.

Jeanne was very entertaining and succeeded in making sometimes boring material, interesting and fun!

– Bonnie D.

Very pleasant demeanor, knowledgeable, explained everything well and involved the entire group!

– Kimberly C.

Fantastic! Kept it interesting, time went by quick. With her 30 years of experience, Jeanne is able to give many real life experiences in the industry as examples of making it much easier to understand and relate to.

– William G.

Jeanne is exceptionally well informed on all topics PLUS she is entertaining – which is not easy for such a long session. Jeanne held the attention of the entire class.

– Jane T.

Jeanne is awesome! Very thorough, insightful and knowledgeable. The day went by very fast because her presentation was so enjoyable.

– Brian B.

Just wanted to say this is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed continuing ed. I am phasing into commercial real estate and found the information helpful. It was delivered beautifully as well! Thank you for offering great classes at a great price.

– Stephanie C.

This on-line course was, without a doubt, the best course. The instructor was excellent. The quizzes kept me focused on the subject matter and reinforced the content. Thank you!

– Fran D.

This is without a question the best way to get your continuing education requirement done. The ability to take a few segments at a time sure beats sitting in a hard chair for 12 hours listening to a lecture which after a while becomes background noise. I have done it with New England Real Estate Academy twice, and not only was it painless, I actually enjoyed it.

– Michael R.

This online course was excellent, convenient and affordable. I was able to complete the course on my own schedule and it was very informative.

– Carol R.

Just finished my CE online for the second time through New England Real Estate Academy. Definitely the most convenient and user-friendly way to complete the necessary requirements. No need to take time off from work or spend your weekend in a hotel conference room with no windows listening to an instructor for 12 hours!

– Carolyn T.

I loved being able to take RE classes in the comfort of my own home! Your classes were enjoyable, informative and professional. Thank you!

– Marian Q.

Your presentation to renew my Mass license was the best 12 hours I have spent reviewing subject license requirements. The professional, informative and easy manner was excellent. I will be back. It sure beats traveling 50 to 100 miles and being lectured to for 12 hours.

– Frederick L.

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