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Massachusetts Requires 12 hours of Continuing Education every two years prior to renewing your real estate license. We have three simple renewal options to make it easy! You can select one of our two 12 hour pre-package options or our new 12 Hour Continuing Education “Design Your Own Package”

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  1. Choose a package. If selecting group A or B you will get one single certificate once all of the courses in the 12 hour package are complete. If you select to “Design your own package” you will get a certificate for each class as soon as it’s completed.
  2. Watch the videos on your own time.
  3. Easy online format – complete on your own time frame over 90 days and stop/start whenever you like!
  4. Finish your courses and print out your certificates!

 *Once you add the 6 CE classes your discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Choose one of our 3 package options below for only $49

12 Hour Package
Group A Register Now

  • Buyer Agency (RE02R06)
  • Chapter 93A – Consumer Protection (RE04RC12)
  • Residential Mortgage Loan Market and Credit Today (RE47R05)
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (RE27RC07)
  • Residential Rental – Landlord/Tenant Issues – Part 1 (RE98R16)
  • Residential Rental – Landlord/Tenant Issues – Part 2 (RE99R16)

12 Hour Package
Group B Register Now

  • Investment Property Basics (RE29RC07)
  • Intro to Commercial Real Estate Basics: Principles and Concepts (RE94C15)
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (RE27RC07)
  • Chapter 93A- Consumer Protection (RE04RC12)
  • Residential Rental-Landlord Tenant Issues Part 1 (RE98R16)
  • Residential Rental-Landlord Tenant Issues Part 2 (RE99R16)

12 Hour Package
Design your own package Register Now

    • Buyer Agency (RE02R06)
    • Code of Ethics (RE33RC11)
    • Conducting Open Houses & Developing a Safety Plan (RE36R05)
    • Consumer Protection – Chapter 93A (RE04RC12)
    • Due Diligence in Seller(s) Representation in Residential RE (RE97R15)
    • Fair Housing  (RE19RC20)
    • Foreclosures (RE28RC19)
    • Intro to Commercial RE Basics: Principles & Concepts (RE94C15)
    • Investment Property Basics (RE29RC07)
    • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (RE27RC07)
    • Offers (RE35RC03)
    • Residential Mortgage Loan Market & Credit Today (RE47R05)
    • Residential Rental – Landlord/Tenant Issues – Part 1 (RE98R16)
    • Residential Rental – Landlord/Tenant Issues – Part 2 (RE99R16)

Select any 6 courses from the list by clicking the Register Now button above by logging into our course catalog.

How We Are Different

Create your own package! 12 CE options to chose from.

Watch as much or as little in one sitting!

Our system tracks your progress

Up to 90 days to finish!

Available 24/7 from any device with internet access, including tablets and most smart phones!

Very user-friendly system

Phone support available

Multiple course options

No tests or exams (except Code of Ethics as required by the National Association of Realtors)

Our instructors are real estate professionals and are available to answer any questions

Your board-approved certificates are generated immediately after you complete each course.  They are available to download and print!

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Just wanted to say this is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed continuing ed. I am phasing into commercial real estate and found the information helpful. It was delivered beautifully as well! Thank you for offering great classes at a great price.

– Stephanie C.

Course Descriptions

Conducting Open Houses and Developing A Safety Plan (RE36R05) 2 Hours

This course reviews many aspects of safety in the real estate business! Not only are open house protocol and safety addressed, but the course contains great tips for showings and for your sellers and buyers. You will also learn about procedures for your office and on the road. Earn Continuing Education credits while you gain valuable information on conducting successful open houses and skills to share with your clients and colleagues! This course is a must for salespersons, brokers and office managers. View curriculum

Due Diligence in Seller(s) Representation in Residential RE (RE97R15) 2 Hours

Sellers engage in a transaction with their agent expecting a high level of knowledge and skill. In addition, we need to understand the required research and documentation necessary to best serve and protect our clients and ourselves. This course covers the fundamentals of necessary due diligence to ensure a professional, legal and smooth transaction! View curriculum

Fair Housing (RE19RC20) 2 Hours

This is a highly recommended course for both residential and commercial agents! Learn about the importance of education in fair housing for buyers, sellers, landlords, investors, and our entire client/customer/consumer base!! Federal and state fair housing laws and guidelines are an important component of our profession – know the facts, understand your compliance requirements, and be the best you can be in our trade! View curriculum

Offers (RE35RC03) 2 Hours

This course covers the process of completing and submitting offers as well as the forms necessary. Topics include the prospective from both the buyers and sellers in the transaction; MA lawsuits that have shaped the legality of offers in real estate and the importance of a knowledgeable agent View curriculum

Real Estate Brokerage Professional Ethics for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage  (RE33RC11)  2 1/2 Hours

This 2 1/2 hour course will give you 2 hours of MA CE credit and also satisfy your 2 1/2 ethics class requirement for the National Association of Realtors. There is a test at the end of the ethics course required by NAR to satisfy their requirements for completion. NAR’s Board of Directors has extended the ethics course requirement to every three years.  View curriculum

Intro to Commercial RE Basics: Principles & Concepts (RE94C15) 2 Hours

In this two hour class, we will review the basics of the leasing and purchasing of commercial real estate, defining the different types of commercial real estate, the basics of needs and market analysis and a case study showing how to compare two leases. Also covered are commonly used rules of thumb. View curriculum

Consumer Protection – Chapter 93A (RE04RC12) 2 Hours

This two hour class focuses on the impact of the Massachusetts consumer protection law as it applies to real estate agents. Learn who’s subject to the law- who’s protected. How the law is evolving and the impact on your business. What practices are illegal – what must be disclosed – what can’t be disclosed. What about Megan’s Law and nonphysical stigmas? View curriculum

Foreclosures (RE28RC19) 2 Hours

This course covers the basics of the foreclosure process starting with an understanding the financing process. Why healthy underwriting should minimize the risk of foreclosure to the lender. We will cover credit reports, credit scores, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, non-recourse and full recourse loans. View curriculum

Investment Property Basics (RE29RC07) 2 Hours

In this two hour class, gain an understanding of why investors invest and the various types of investment opportunities available, as well as the components of the investment making decision. Learn when to use the Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) and Cash Flow Analysis forms. Learn to calculate capitalization rate and equity yield rate. Learn how cap rates are derived in the marketplace. View curriculum

Residential Mortgage Loan Market & Credit Today (RE47R05) 2 Hours

This course is designed to take the licensee through all of the dynamics of today’s residential mortgage financing market including the important aspects of credit reports and credit scoring. Understand the essential terms of a mortgage loan including acceleration, due on sale and defeasance clauses. Also learn how the Tax Relief Act of 1997 impacts tax on the sale of a primary residence. View curriculum

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (RE27RC07) 2 Hours

Gain an understanding of the different types of 1031 exchanges. We will cover the required time frames, allowable extensions and what is a “qualified intermediary.” Learn the four IRS classifications of real estate and their importance in understanding various scenarios. The goal of the course is not to be a substitute for competent counsel, but to learn to identify “red flags” so you can strongly encourage your clients to seek competent tax and accounting expertise. View curriculum

Residential Rental – Landlord/Tenant Relations – Part 1 (RE98R16) 2 hours

Residential Rental – Landlord/Tenant Relations is designed to be taken over four hours in two separate courses. This two-hour class, Part 1, Sections A and B, covers topics such finding tenants, questions we can ask, credit reports, CORI checks, preparing the property for occupancy and issues of habitability.  View Curriculum

Residential Rental – Landlord Tenant Relations – Part 2 (RE99R16) 2 hours

Residential Rental – Landlord/Tenant Relations is designed to be taken in two separate courses. This two-hour class, Part 2, covers the lease contract, lease provisions, unenforceable provisions, lease terms, handling deposits, best practices and terminating tenancy.
View Curriculum

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