Getting a real estate brokers license in Massachusetts

Why You May Consider Getting a Real Estate Broker License in Massachusetts

Deb Bailey photo owner of New England Real Estate Academy

Deb Bailey is the Director of Training and Owner of New England Real Estate Academy.

There are many reasons salespersons decide to achieve Broker licensure. Many licensees think it is only relevant if you want to open your own brokerage. That is only one of many considerations!

I, for example, loved my brokerage but was becoming actively involved with fix & flips. I needed flexibility with my commission to better negotiate my deals. I got my Broker’s license and opened a small office. My goal was never to grow a large brokerage, but to continue to sell real estate and do my flips!

Maybe you do have goals of opening a brokerage, overseeing multiple agents and stay active or just manage. Broker/Owners tend to make higher income than agents. If you become a Broker and wish to stay at your current office, it may open doors to higher commission, management opportunities or training positions.

What else?? Real estate markets can shift – sometimes unexpectedly! Your Broker license will give you a better edge in investing, property management, rental properties, working with developers, real estate education and much more!

If you have the qualifications and want the challenge, now is the time to prepare for your future! Register for our 40 hour Broker Education Course and open the door to an array of real estate employment possibilities!

  • Complete 40 hours of approved classes
  • Verify 3 years of working as a salesperson full-time in MA
  • Get a $5,000 bond (Cost $50 for 5 years coverage)
  • Take the state exam.
  • You are licensed on the spot after passing the exam!

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